The Workshop #8 – Not Actual Putin

Workshop banner ep8

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Fun fact: I say this is episode 7 at the beginning which was true when we were recording, but I switched around the order for release like Fox did with Firefly. I have no one to blame for being wrong but myself.

In this episode we discuss million dollar ideas (free for you, dear listener), roadside signs that are trying way too hard, and those restaurants that treat customers like garbage on purpose. Weird, huh?

We also take a message from a listener who didn’t know what Eric looked like and took their best shot at guessing. Just to eliminate any confusion, here’s an actual, real-life, no foolin’ picture of the man, the myth, the legend Eric Ortscheid.



And if you liked that, just wait for our forthcoming Hipsters in the Wilderness calendar featuring Eric.

Finally, I did a quick Google search and it seems like Rocky’s middle name has not be stated canonically. What kind of shallow universe you building there, Stallone?

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