About Me

Hey, I’m Matt – the guy whose name’s on the website.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Digital Cinema Arts from Lindenwood University and am currently working in media production. I specialize in video. I also do audio production and rudimentary graphic design and photography.

My passion is for the fusion of truth and beauty – form and function. I love when truth is presented in a beautiful fashion and I love beauty when it is representing truth. To that end, I strive to be both creatively and technically adept at whatever I do.

In my spare time I like to hone my cinematography skills whenever I get the chance and write both creatively and analytically. I like picking apart stuff I like to see what makes it work (or not work).

In my personal life I enjoy film & TV, history, video games, photography, deep conversation, taking walks, and just generally being a nerd about things. Above all, it is my desire to learn how to live and work for the glory of Christ Jesus and good of the people with whom I come in contact everyday.