Spoilercast: Horizon Zero Dawn

Audio-only version:

My buddy Joshua and I recorded a spoiler-filled discussion about Horizon Zero Dawn which would probably be the hottest new video game at the moment except then Zelda happened (and it’s really good too).

The short non-spoiler version is that Horizon Zero Dawn is very, very good and you should play it if you have a PS4 and like action games, open world games, sci-fi, giant robots, good fiction, and/or pretty landscapes. It’s gorgeous. The story is great. Fighting giant dinosaur machines is awesome. The initial reveal trailer from E3 a couple years ago showed a lot of promise and this game delivers on all of it.

One thing I didn’t mention in the discussion (this isn’t a spoiler) is how much I enjoyed the photo mode. I appreciate that this is becoming a somewhat common feature. It’s especially great in a game with this amount of visual fidelity. You can really play digital photographer with the amount of tools they give you. It’s impressive how well everything holds up to the scrutiny you’re able to put it under with these toolsets.

Here are some of the best shots I took – mostly landscapes ’cause I like landscapes.

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