The Workshop #14 – Pacific Tim

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On this episode of The Workshop, we talk mostly summer movies – what we’re excited to see or maybe not. This was recorded a few weeks ago. Most of the movies we talk about are still in the future, but Wonder Woman came out last week and is pretty good for what it’s worth.

Also stick around for enthralling discussions about the highest tech of topics like virtual reality… and paper.

Kids these days probably don’t know about Homestar Runner and that’s a shame. Here is a Homestar Runner cartoon that probably has little appeal to anyone outside of the Homestar cult, but – hey – it’s the one I referenced during the episode, so it’s the one I’m posting. WATCH IT, KIDS.

The Workshop #13 – Pont FX

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Have you ever wondered who the Pope follows on Twitter?

Do you know the political convictions of the main characters from the Pokemon anime?

Does comedy have to be crass?

Find out the obviously definitive and final answers to all of these questions and more things you never asked on today’s glorious episode.

Pont FX – coming soon to Instagram or Snapchat, but not really

The Workshop #12 – Welcome to the Space Jam

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On today’s episode of The Workshop, we bring you only the most relevant topics like websites that haven’t been updated since the 90s and movies from more than 10 years ago that may or may not hold up. Eric and I talk about our recent travel experiences. Neither of us were thrown off airplanes though.

Also, stay tuned after the outro for a hot, hot discussion on who serves the best chicken in fast food and whether they might be making deals with dark forces.


The Workshop #11 – Matt & Eric’s Morning Zoo

Workshop banner ep11

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On this episode of the Workshop Podcast, Eric and I discuss things we are currently enjoying. And by “currently” we mean about a month ago. There’s sometimes quite a bit of delay between when we record and when we release episodes and that makes it a bit strange especially if we want to talk current events or something.

So listen and find out things were were enjoying about 5 or 6 weeks ago. Hopefully it’s a refreshingly positive episode. But don’t worry. It still gets wacky.

Yes, Eric really did receive a call from his wife during the recording. And yes, he did order Taco Bell. That wasn’t staged.

I both botched and misattributed a semi-well known quote about writing during the episode. The actual quotation is “Books aren’t written – they’re rewritten.” That’s from author Michael Crichton who most famously wrote Jurassic Park.

Now you know. And knowing is half the battle. Until next time, kids!

The Workshop #10 – It’s Not Supposed to Be Good

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Instead of writing proper show notes this time, I’ve decided to mostly communicate by dumb image memes. It was inevitable. Sorry.

FINALLY! The TRUTH is REVEALED! This podcast was never supposed to be good in the first place. So it looks like all our hater are actually giving us compliments.

Take that, haters.

We’ve made it 10 episodes into this strange endeavor! Truly we are *so* committed.

Join us (by listening – you can’t participate because it’s pre-recorded, obviously) as we discuss:

I’m going to tell you right here, right now in these liner notes that no one reads that this is a terrible episode. It kind of fizzles out at the end and you should probably stop listening after the younger self discussion if you even start at all.

The Workshop #8 – Not Actual Putin

Workshop banner ep8

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Fun fact: I say this is episode 7 at the beginning which was true when we were recording, but I switched around the order for release like Fox did with Firefly. I have no one to blame for being wrong but myself.

In this episode we discuss million dollar ideas (free for you, dear listener), roadside signs that are trying way too hard, and those restaurants that treat customers like garbage on purpose. Weird, huh?

We also take a message from a listener who didn’t know what Eric looked like and took their best shot at guessing. Just to eliminate any confusion, here’s an actual, real-life, no foolin’ picture of the man, the myth, the legend Eric Ortscheid.



And if you liked that, just wait for our forthcoming Hipsters in the Wilderness calendar featuring Eric.

Finally, I did a quick Google search and it seems like Rocky’s middle name has not be stated canonically. What kind of shallow universe you building there, Stallone?

The Workshop #3 – So This is the New Year


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Happy New Year from the least-sarcastic parts of our hearts!

On the first episode of this brand-new not-yet-too-terrible year we talk resolutions, the “Matt Takes” Twitter account, parody Twitter accounts in general, and Star Wars including a non-spoilery discussion of Rogue One.

This episode was recorded before Carrie Fisher (and Debbie Reynolds!) passed away so that’s why we didn’t mention her in our Star Wars talk. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that here. What a bummer.

I’ve been re-watching the original trilogy recently and I’ve been impressed by how much Fisher – and all the lead actors, really – brought to their roles. Star Wars is truly greater than the sum of its parts and Carrie Fisher was a significant part of making that happen.