The Workshop #31 – Ancient Roman Jeff Bezos

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I suppose this could be considered our belated Easter episode as Eric and I talk about more in depth about The Passion of the Christ which we touched on in episode 29. Now, having seen the movie, I’ve got some *thoughts*.

Be sure to stick around after the end for some good old fashioned aimless Workshop banter.

The Workshop #29 – Swanky is the best Kong

Workshop banner ep29

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Did you miss us? Too bad. We’re back either way.

After an extended absence during which I got married, we have returned to fulfill our #commitment to podcasting excellence. Join us as I give thanks that the wedding is behind me, we “recap” this year’s winter Olympics, and chat about Bible movies.


Also, I mis-remembered. Swanky Kong first appeared in Donkey Kong Country 2, but I had DKC3 growing up and that’s the game I remembered him from. Gotta get the important facts straight.