The Workshop #29 – Swanky is the best Kong

Workshop banner ep29

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Did you miss us? Too bad. We’re back either way.

After an extended absence during which I got married, we have returned to fulfill our #commitment to podcasting excellence. Join us as I give thanks that the wedding is behind me, we “recap” this year’s winter Olympics, and chat about Bible movies.


Also, I mis-remembered. Swanky Kong first appeared in Donkey Kong Country 2, but I had DKC3 growing up and that’s the game I remembered him from. Gotta get the important facts straight.

The Workshop #28 – Struggle bussin’ already

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We welcome 2018 with a whimper and a bang!

We talk about my other podcast which Eric isn’t actually jealous of. We recount what we’re looking forward to in 2018. Contrary to what the internet says, it won’t all be bad. And finally we have a spoiler-filled discussion of Star Wars: The Last Jedi because that had to happen. Sorry.

I seem to have settled on theme music I like… after a solid year of random weird stuff I found on a public domain music site. As much as I like finding something new and different each episode, I also like the idea of having a regular “theme.” The name of the song I’m using is “Do the Jelly Donut” which is also amazing. What do you think? Leave us some feedback if you care!

The Workshop #27 – Consumption of the brain

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Goodbye, 2017. This is the last Workshop episode of the year! In it, we talk Oregon-Trail type games, Eric shares stories from the front lines of fatherhood, and Matt complains that the Apple Store experience is worse than the DMV.

Bits Don’t Byte – Part 1: The Last Jedi

So… how’s it going?

One night I was attempting to play some Destiny with a couple of friends. We accidentally created a podcast instead. It happens.

Whereas The Workshop is more of a general slice-of-life/cultural commentary kind of podcast, Bits Don’t Byte will have a decidedly more nerdy focus. Expect lengthy, deep discussions on various geeky subjects.

Case in point: here’s a 2 hour discussion of that there new Star Wars movie. It’s a bit of a controversial one, huh? This is a very, very spoiler heavy discussion. You have been warned.

Bits Don’t Byte features Joshua Kehe, his brother Ben, and yours truly, Matt Goldammer. Please enjoy.

The Workshop #26 – #recommitted

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It’s our 1st anniversary! We made it a whole year. After we get done congratulating ourselves about that, we try another canned coffee beverage on the second installment of our Coffee Drank segment, Matt explains how his views on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney Star Wars have changed (don’t fail us, Last Jedi!), and we talk movies trailers new and old.

It’s a packed show. “It’s a podcast for those who do.”

The Workshop #25 – A Very Workshop Thanksgiving

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After a bit of a delay, The Workshop Podcast returns with a festive holiday episode full of cheer! We talk fall and Thanksgiving foods both strange and familiar and then launch into an extended discussion about community: what does it mean and how can we achieve it better?