The Workshop #8 – Not Actual Putin

Workshop banner ep8

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Fun fact: I say this is episode 7 at the beginning which was true when we were recording, but I switched around the order for release like Fox did with Firefly. I have no one to blame for being wrong but myself.

In this episode we discuss million dollar ideas (free for you, dear listener), roadside signs that are trying way too hard, and those restaurants that treat customers like garbage on purpose. Weird, huh?

We also take a message from a listener who didn’t know what Eric looked like and took their best shot at guessing. Just to eliminate any confusion, here’s an actual, real-life, no foolin’ picture of the man, the myth, the legend Eric Ortscheid.



And if you liked that, just wait for our forthcoming Hipsters in the Wilderness calendar featuring Eric.

Finally, I did a quick Google search and it seems like Rocky’s middle name has not be stated canonically. What kind of shallow universe you building there, Stallone?

Spoilercast: Horizon Zero Dawn

Audio-only version:

My buddy Joshua and I recorded a spoiler-filled discussion about Horizon Zero Dawn which would probably be the hottest new video game at the moment except then Zelda happened (and it’s really good too).

The short non-spoiler version is that Horizon Zero Dawn is very, very good and you should play it if you have a PS4 and like action games, open world games, sci-fi, giant robots, good fiction, and/or pretty landscapes. It’s gorgeous. The story is great. Fighting giant dinosaur machines is awesome. The initial reveal trailer from E3 a couple years ago showed a lot of promise and this game delivers on all of it.

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The Workshop #7 – It Began with a Burp…


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It’s a new month and time for a new episode of the Workshop!!! Get excited!!!

On today’s episode we spend a lot of time discussing the Superbowl and award show season even though neither of us are particularly interested. I’m sure that’s sold you on listening to the discussion. Then we pivot hard and fast to the topic of whether sad music is appropriate for church. We also daintily avoid the subject of politics kinda sorta except for the Ent lobby. We’ve got to do something about that. Get angry, I guess.

It was hard to pick a name for this episode. There were too many good ones to choose from! In fact, 56% of the reason I do a podcast at all is because I like to come up with goofy names for the episodes.

Alternate titles for this show were:

  • Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
  • The one with the burp
  • Drones, but no pants
  • Eric: the Epitome of America
  • China, please block us
  • Kanye is watching
  • Beyonce controls the universe


The Workshop #6 – The Pretentious Episode


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In this episode of the Workshop Podcast we drone on for way too long. Let you ears witness more bad business ideas, fancy coffee talk, and what things we *might* be pretentious about! Also stick around while we complain about social media (like everybody else) and discuss the movies we wish they’d make and the ones we wish they’d stop making.

The Workshop #5 – The Millennial Generation v Participation Trophy Makers


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In this episode of the podcast, Eric and I discuss hot topics like our much-maligned generation, the cultural mandate of Valentine’s Day, and… polygons…?

Yep. Sounds like more of what we do.

Debug Mode: Top 10 Games of 2016

It’s been a while since I made a Debug Mode video. In fact, I got all the way through 2016 without producing one even though I intended to do so.

I still have a bunch of ideas kicking around for topics. I want to move away from “reviews” like I’ve done in the past and talk more about concepts or specific aspects of games I find interesting.

2016 had so many great games. I wanted to comment on my favorites. So this is still more review-ish than I will probably do in the future, but I’m fairly happy with the way it turned out.

And it’s a list, of course. People like lists. I like lists. Lists are fun. Psychology, eh?

The Workshop #4 – Parental Advisory: Not Very Funny


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Our attempted serious discussion about why mainstream American Christianity always seems to be producing bad imitations of popular culture gets derailed and we end up making a lot of jokes that might only be funny to us.

Be sure to head over to Amazon to pre-order our Rage Against the Machine devotional entitled 30 Days of Rage: A Study of the Wrath of God available for pre-order now. Yeah. Definitely search for that.

Also featured: a moment of silence for no particular reason.