The Site Has Landed

Happy Day after Labor Day! Yeah. I know it’s lame…

Even though I’m certain that the vast majority of people who will read this initial post already know me, allow me to introduce myself anyway. *ahem*

Hello there, I’m Matt. (If you happen to be reading this and you don’t know me already check the about page.)

This website is the realization of a long obsession. Ever since I discovered that they’ll let just anyone put a website on this internet thing, I’ve wanted to have my own. Back then (the late 90s) the internet was terribly slow and full of animated GIFs. Now it is less terribly slow and full of image macros. Progress, ladies and gentlemen! Progress.

So now that I have my own site and have become a land-owning lord of the internet with voting powers what am I going to do? Good question!

This website, while subject to change in purpose, is a repository for all of the stuff I’d like to share with the world as well as an ever-expanding portfolio of my work. Basically, it’s the fusion of my fun side and my professional side.

Does that sound like a bad idea? Very possibly. But it’s too much work segregating bits of my personality. If I did that it would consume all my time and I would never produce or share anything with the world. This is part of the reason my previous blog fizzled out. I felt like I could only post on certain topics there because of what I’d done historically.

This blog will have no such self-imposed limits. I hope to write about media, life, art, theology, philosophy, relationships, technology, hobbies, and whatever else comes to mind in an engaging and entertaining fashion. The only thing I’m not planning on talking about is politics and I can’t even promise you that won’t ever happen. But I will promise that if I talk about something politically related that I will try my best not to come at it from an annoyingly partisan position because I hate that and you can get it anywhere else on the big, wide internet.

Finally I leave you with a silly, silly picture of me wearing a Steak ‘n Shake* hat. Welcome to my website!

*Steak ‘n Shake does not endorse this site, but I endorse the combination of the Buttery Wisconsin burger and an Oreo milkshake. Yum.

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