The Workshop #37 – Podcast hangover

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We’re back after our unintentional hiatus! Did you miss us? We’ll alleviate that feeling! Listen and you’ll be sick of us soon enough!

Join us to hear some of what we’ve been doing with our summers, a strange, unexpected diversion on the topic of musicals, and new, exciting ways you can contact our show and give us better things to talk about in the future!

We’ve added a Twitter feed and an email address (see the links above). You can contact our show and tell us what you’d like to hear. Or we’ll assume that nobody listens and just keep doing whatever we want. That’s cool too.

The Workshop #3 – So This is the New Year


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Happy New Year from the least-sarcastic parts of our hearts!

On the first episode of this brand-new not-yet-too-terrible year we talk resolutions, the “Matt Takes” Twitter account, parody Twitter accounts in general, and Star Wars including a non-spoilery discussion of Rogue One.

This episode was recorded before Carrie Fisher (and Debbie Reynolds!) passed away so that’s why we didn’t mention her in our Star Wars talk. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that here. What a bummer.

I’ve been re-watching the original trilogy recently and I’ve been impressed by how much Fisher – and all the lead actors, really – brought to their roles. Star Wars is truly greater than the sum of its parts and Carrie Fisher was a significant part of making that happen.