The Workshop #1 – Dorks Right from the Start


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The Workshop is a podcast I started with my friend Eric Ortscheid after we realized that all of our interaction basically sounded like we were on a podcast anyway. Might as well record our conversations, I guess.

It’s called The Workshop as in we’re “workshopping” that idea. It’s not a show about woodworking or DIY projects or something. Heck no.

We’ve been talking about doing this for months and at some point it turned from a joke into an actual thing. People we know have told us they would listen to a podcast if we actually did one. We’re calling their bluff.

Will this be interesting to anybody but us? I donno, but we had fun making it and it’s fun to make things even if it’s just shooting the breeze in a fairly flippant manner.

Although we mention an “Episode 0” on the show, I decided not to post our test run. The audio didn’t record properly and it’s just not that worth listening to. Hey, that’s why we did a test.

In this inaugural episode of the show, we talk about how to make a podcast, tease our million dollar idea for a hipster calendar, and ask why Disney is allowed to own everything but not be looked at as a giant, evil corporation?

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