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short | september 2011 | runtime: 2:09 | 1080p


This was the first assignment in Directing for the Camera. The assignment was to make a short film without dialogue. Not a silent film exactly, but no talking. A lot of people went with the mock silent film approach, but I drew on more of a montage/music vibe for mine.

I thought it turned out alright considering it was made in a little less than a day from conception to final edit. I did that sort of thing a lot in college, unfortunately. Heh. Don’t tell my professors. Alternatively, if you were one of my professors, disregard the preceding comment. Also, hello!


  • Writer/Director/Producer/Editor: Matt Goldammer
  • Story: Kathleen Goldammer & Matt Goldammer
  • Girl: Kathleen Goldammer
  • Music: Kevin MacLeod,