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short | may 2012 | runtime: 8:31 | 1080p


My Cinema Capstone project – the last thing I had to make for my undergrad. Shot with Canon HDSLRs (T2i & 60D) and a variety of lenses.

As for the story, I once again picked a genre which I know very little about and decided to work in it. I need to stop doing that.

This time I played it straight. No parody. No satire. No illusions. Just plain sincerity.

There is supposed to be an undercurrent of impending tragedy, but I don’t think it came through very well. Or at all. But that is my fault rather than the actors’.

This is sort of a companion story to the music video of “Conversation 16” by the National which I shot with my Cinematography and Lighting class around the same time. This is the happy getting together story while that is the sad break-up story.


  • Writer/Director/Producer/Editor: Matt Goldammer
  • Director of Photography: Derrick Phillips
  • Guy: Cole Figus
  • Girl: Heather Schlitt
  • Friend: Jake Bucher

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