Dread Pirate Roberts

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music video | march 2012 | runtime 4:29 | 1080p


This music video shot for and with my buddies in the local band 270 RoadTrip is a tribute to S. Morgenstern’s classic tale of true love and high adventure. I am, of course, talking about The Princess Bride. If you haven’t see it: you need to. If you’ve seen it and haven’t read it: you really should.

270 RoadTrip actually has multiple songs about The Princess Bride each one dedicated to a different character. It is possible we may make another one of these in the future. I want to.


  • Artist: 270 RoadTrip
  • Album: Wuv Twu Wuv
  • Label: Vendetta Studios
  • Music by: Michael Miller
  • Lyrics by: Joseph T. Mathiesen
  • Girl on bench: Adele Hajicek
  • Pirate in red: Michael Miller
  • Pirate in blue: Joeseph Matheisen
  • Dread Pirate Roberts as himself
  • Costumes: Adele Hajicek & Lacy Miller
  • Director/Editor: Matt Goldammer