DEBUG MODE – Top 10 Games of 2016

list | january 2017 | runtime: 36:49 | 1080p


Everybody likes lists, yeah?

I love me some Game of the Year/Movie of the Year type discussions. Lists are made for discussion not for definition. I’d been wanting to make something like this for a long time. In retrospect, it was like writing and producing 10 miniature reviews. That probably shouldn’t have been a surprise, but project have a way of deceiving me into thinking they’re simple at first before revealing the true sea monster lurking below the water.

Writing and voice over is my least favorite part of the production process and there was a lot of it with this video. But just about everything else was a lot of fun – especially the Stranger Things-style titles and transitions. Previously I have themed titles and graphics according to the game I was discussing, but I needed a different approach for a video that encapsulated a whole year.

I will not give away the list here ’cause you should watch the video (I worked really hard on it!)


  • Writen & Edited: Matt Goldammer