DEBUG MODE – Cities: Skylines

review | april 2015 | runtime: 17:53 | 1080p



Cities: Skylines was the game I so desperately wanted SimCity (2013) to be. If for no other reason, I had to make this video out of sheer appreciation to the developers who saved the city building genre for me.

The scope of this review was much bigger than the first Debug Mode video and took even longer to produce. The nice thing about a systems-driven game over a linear narrative game is that you don’t have to capture a whole campaign or story in order to get all the footage you need for a comprehensive review. On the other hand, that means one might feel the obligation to obsessively capture footage illustrating every little thing discussed in their 18 minute script. Maybe a story game would have been easier to cover?


  • Writen & Edited: Matt Goldammer
  • Featured Game: Cities: Skylines