The Workshop #29 – Swanky is the best Kong

Workshop banner ep29

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Did you miss us? Too bad. We’re back either way.

After an extended absence during which I got married, we have returned to fulfill our #commitment to podcasting excellence. Join us as I give thanks that the wedding is behind me, we “recap” this year’s winter Olympics, and chat about Bible movies.


Also, I mis-remembered. Swanky Kong first appeared in Donkey Kong Country 2, but I had DKC3 growing up and that’s the game I remembered him from. Gotta get the important facts straight.

The Workshop #22 – Adequate businessmen

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Fresh off our worst episode comes… a better one. Hopefully.

I got engaged recently so there’s talk of that on this episode. I supposed this is the “public” announcement of that unless you define Facebook announcements as “public” and I think everybody does these days. So this is the announcement for anyone listening to this show who doesn’t happen to know me in real life. I assume there’s nobody in that category.

And speaking of announcements, we also make incorrect predictions about the iPhone X since we recorded one day before the Apple event. It’s less serious tech prediction and more riffing about Apple and smartphones in general though.