The Workshop #48 – The Workshop Double Album Extravaganza

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It’s our loudest longest episode ever! That doesn’t mean it’s good. But you should still listen as we discuss our personal musical evolutions. Includes rabbit trails on boy bands, CCM, pop punk, and Coldplay. And also find out what embarrassing (his word) album was Eric’s first.

Like the previous episode, we had to record this in separate studios and the audio quality suffered a bit more this time than last time. Hopefully we will be in the same place next time.


A factual correction nobody cares about: Matt stated he graduated high school in 2009. In fact it was 2008 and he is older than he thinks and/or wants.

The Workshop #35 – Behind the Curtain

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On this anniversary of the Allied Invasion of Normandy, we actually spend a little time thinking about war and how neither of us would have probably survived *any* of them.

The serious topics continue as we talk about when people leave the faith. We promise next episode will be less sobering.

The Workshop #34 – They’ll let anybody do this

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In our longest, most meandering episode to date we discuss podcasts we like (along with a few that have influenced ours), who our ideal third host would be if we were to add one (besides Liam Neeson, of course), and what we’ve been enjoying lately.

The Workshop #24 – Real cream, real sugar

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COFFEE! DO YOU LIKE COFFEE? WE LIKE COFFEE. We talk *a lot* about coffee in this episode. We also premiere a new segment which may or may not become semi-regular called “Coffee Drank” in which we review various bottled and canned coffee substances that are probably not that good to begin with.

The Workshop #17 – Trailing off…

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We leave sentences unsatisfyingly unfinished on this episode. Eric asks if and how much should music artists change their style over time. I recap my thoughts about a couple movies I saw: one good (Wonder Woman) and one so-bad-it’s-good (you’ll just have to listen to find out).