The Workshop #48 – The Workshop Double Album Extravaganza

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It’s our loudest longest episode ever! That doesn’t mean it’s good. But you should still listen as we discuss our personal musical evolutions. Includes rabbit trails on boy bands, CCM, pop punk, and Coldplay. And also find out what embarrassing (his word) album was Eric’s first.

Like the previous episode, we had to record this in separate studios and the audio quality suffered a bit more this time than last time. Hopefully we will be in the same place next time.


A factual correction nobody cares about: Matt stated he graduated high school in 2009. In fact it was 2008 and he is older than he thinks and/or wants.

Favorite Music of 2013

A new year is upon us and that means it’s time to hand out meaningless accolades to various media properties because making lists is fun! I am quite intentionally calling these “favorite” lists rather than “best of” lists because there’s a lot of games, movies, and music I didn’t experience in 2013 which no doubt deserve attention and praise, but I can’t consume everything in a year.

Can I make a confession? I’m terrible at writing about music. I lack the vocabulary, I guess. It seems to me that music is the most subjective of all the popular media and therefore is the most difficult to analyze, critique, and discuss meaningfully with others. Music reviews are a strange thing to me for that reason. All it boils down to is “I like this” or “I don’t like this” without a lot of concrete or consistent reasoning about why that is. But I’m probably wrong about that. As I said, I lack the vocabulary.

Nevertheless, here’s some music I liked. Maybe you’ll like some of it too.

KFB show

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