The Workshop #60 – Amelodic ramblings

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There’s a reason we don’t usually try and talk current events – the story often changes before we get our episodes out. Irritating. Who needs that?

We recorded this episode weeks ago and talked broadly about the Democratic presidential primary which has changed quite a bit. That’s what we get for trying to talk about politics.

But don’t worry – there’s other junk in here and eventually we get around somehow to Space Jam 2 and Dolph Lundgren. So all is well.

The Workshop #4 – Parental Advisory: Not Very Funny


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Our attempted serious discussion about why mainstream American Christianity always seems to be producing bad imitations of popular culture gets derailed and we end up making a lot of jokes that might only be funny to us.

Be sure to head over to Amazon to pre-order our Rage Against the Machine devotional entitled 30 Days of Rage: A Study of the Wrath of God available for pre-order now. Yeah. Definitely search for that.

Also featured: a moment of silence for no particular reason.