The Workshop #26 – #recommitted

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It’s our 1st anniversary! We made it a whole year. After we get done congratulating ourselves about that, we try another canned coffee beverage on the second installment of our Coffee Drank segment, Matt explains how his views on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney Star Wars have changed (don’t fail us, Last Jedi!), and we talk movies trailers new and old.

It’s a packed show. “It’s a podcast for those who do.”

The Workshop #25 – A Very Workshop Thanksgiving

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After a bit of a delay, The Workshop Podcast returns with a festive holiday episode full of cheer! We talk fall and Thanksgiving foods both strange and familiar and then launch into an extended discussion about community: what does it mean and how can we achieve it better?

The Workshop #24 – Real cream, real sugar

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COFFEE! DO YOU LIKE COFFEE? WE LIKE COFFEE. We talk *a lot* about coffee in this episode. We also premiere a new segment which may or may not become semi-regular called “Coffee Drank” in which we review various bottled and canned coffee substances that are probably not that good to begin with.

The Workshop #23 – Buzz Lightgear

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Fall has fallen. We talk about typical fall things like pumpkin spice lattes, football and Halloween.

We touch on the NFL kneeling controversy, but this episode was recorded weeks ago before a lot of social media bickering picked up. Sorry if you’re tired of hearing about it! It doesn’t last long.

Be sure and stay tuned for a special dollop of stupid fun toward the end of the show!

The Workshop #22 – Adequate businessmen

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Fresh off our worst episode comes… a better one. Hopefully.

I got engaged recently so there’s talk of that on this episode. I supposed this is the “public” announcement of that unless you define Facebook announcements as “public” and I think everybody does these days. So this is the announcement for anyone listening to this show who doesn’t happen to know me in real life. I assume there’s nobody in that category.

And speaking of announcements, we also make incorrect predictions about the iPhone X since we recorded one day before the Apple event. It’s less serious tech prediction and more riffing about Apple and smartphones in general though.

The Workshop #21 – Our worst episode

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Sometimes we go to record an episode of The Workshop podcast thinking we’ve got plenty of topics. And sometimes we proceed talking like there’s not actually anyone listening and just have meandering conversations that probably only interest us. That’s what happened here. I cut a lot of the most meandering stuff out and as a consequence this is (mercifully) our shortest episode in addition to maybe our worst! It’s all smooth sailing from here, right?

Join us if you dare as we engage in random chatter, self-absorbed navel gazing about our own show, and finally just give up and go through a stupid and terrible list of things millennials have supposedly killed.

The Workshop #20 – Dank meme explorers

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Today’s episode isn’t actually about memes although we do mention a few like this one.

Also, behold the origin of the name “doge”! Yes, it’s more Homestar Runner, but that’s mostly incidental!

This episode is pretty much 50% fun and 50% serious. The fun half is about space. In the serious half, we discuss how we should respond to evil and hatred. Yeah, that’s pretty serious. We got so serious we really didn’t know how to end the show, but it was a discussion worth having.

I stole the intro music from these nerds and the outro music from here.